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Grand cru vintages from Abrau-Durso vineyards serve as basis for the production of Imperial premium vintage champagne. Only select grapes are used for the production of Imperial champagne, and the champagne is produced only from cuvee, that is, virgin grape juice. Secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle. Subsequently, sparkling wine ages in mountainous tunnels for several years. The highest quality of Imperial champagne has been confirmed by a number of medals at major international exhibitions, including London Wine Fair and Decanter. Since recently, Imperial sparkling wine has been served in the best Michelin-starred London restaurants.
• Unique blend created by the best Russian and French winemakers led by legendary Hervé Jestin
• Produced from best grand cru vintages of Abrau-Durso vineyards
• Imperial champagne is produced exclusively from virgin grape juice
• Received awards and praise from top international wine critics at international tasting competitions (IWC, IWSC, Decanter etc.)


Grapes grade : pinot blanc, pinot noir, chardonnay

A traditional French-style light golden brightly glittering sparkling wine with intensive perlage. It has a deep aromatic bouquet of mature wine with expressive tints of rye bread crust and apple jam, clouted cream, sunflower seeds, and refreshing shades of citrus zest. This wine has a fresh, exhilarating, apple-citrus taste in the first wave, and a mineral aftertaste.

A classic mild brut from traditional grape varieties should be served as an aperitif before a gala dinner. It is also ideal for white fish dishes (pike perch, trout, flounder, turbot), scallops, soft cheeses with a white coat (camembert, brie).


Grapes grade : chardonnay, pinot blanc, riesling, pinot noir

This brut version was created by the French oenologist Hervé Jestin to commemorate the first sparkling wine makers of Abrau Durso back in the times of the Russian Empire of the early 20th century. Riesling — the highlight of the Abrau Duro terroir — was added to the classic French champagne assemblage. This grape variety was among the first introduced to this location. The subtle sophisticated fragrance of this sparkling wine opens up gradually — first it cheers you with citrus notes, then pleasantly surprises you with fruity peach and pear nuances, and finally uncovers the wealth of maturation shades (apple confiture, honey, and sweet buns). It has a fresh harmonious taste with a fine body, mostly fruity, with a pleasant and long mineral aftertaste.

This original Brut owes its role of an ideal accompaniment to a meal — as an aperitif or digestif — to the racy gastronomic acidity of Riesling. The fresh mineral taste of this sparkling wine will go together perfectly well with oysters and other seafood (crabs, prawns, and mussels). Furthermore, the refreshing taste and balanced acidity make the beverage ideal for dishes with generous creamy sauces. A combination with pasta, risotto con porcini, or rabbit baked with sour cream will make an exciting dining experience.


Grapes grade : pinor noir

An excellent Brut version from Pinot Noir, arguably the grandest gastronomic variety of grapes in the world. This sparkling wine of the soft “salmon” shade with bright coral gleam and energetic play of small bubbles has a subtle composed aroma with notes of berries, in which the combination of raspberry and laurel leaf seems to be the most distinct. The wine has a robust structured taste and perfect acidity balance, with good potential for maturation, and a long mineral aftertaste with distinct supple tannins.

The Pinot Noir-based Brut is a versatile wine for gastronomic combinations. It is an ideal accompaniment to foie gras, tartare, or beef carpaccio, tuna sashimi, cold roast beef, duck (confit, magret) and aged cheeses.