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Some time ago, a number of old documents were found in Abrau-Durso archives. They included the menu of the gala dinner held on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty ascent to power. The main drink served that night was champagne supplied by the Imperial Domain of Abrau-Durso. Imagine our thrill after we managed to discover the design of the bottles of Abrau-Durso Classic champagne served at that memorable dinner in the Winter Palace!
To mark the following centenary anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty, we came up with the replica of the champagne bottles used in the czarist era and recreated the blend recipe.
• Unique blend: Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon and Riesling
• Collectors sparkling wine of the 2007 vintage
• Reasonable price in the category of sparkling wines produced using the traditional method
• Worthy choice to replace foreign sparkling wines


Grapes grade : chardonnay, aligoté, pinot blanc, riesling, pinot noir

The aroma reveals a palette of fruity nuances, with noble maturation tones dominating: sunflowers, dark bread crust, apple jam, floral honey, and butter. The taste is well structured and complex, with a recognizable freshness, and a long mineral aftertaste that is typical of the best sparkling wines.

The classic Brut is designed to go with dishes made with oily fish and white meat, and can also be served with cheeses, as well as a digestif to round off a meal.


Grapes grade: chardonnay, aligoté, pinot blanc, riesling, pinot noir

This wine with a beautiful golden color, brilliance, and long-lasting play of bubbles has a rich vivid aroma combined with maturation tones with hints of candied citrus fruit, apple confiture, and apple pie. The taste of this semi-dry sparkling wine is characterized by the thoroughly balanced vibrant natural acidity and pleasant sweetness, as well as a lingering recognizable aftertaste.

This wine is a splendid gastronomic accompaniment to dishes with dense texture, with cream sauces (pasta, risotto), fruit, aged and soft cheeses.


Grapes grade: chardonnay, aligoté, pinot blanc, riesling, pinot noir

This méthode classique semi-sweet sparkling wine is of beautiful straw color, has a dense and firm mousse, and an elegant perlage. The subtle and gentle aroma strikes with its skillful interlacing of fresh fruit nuances and maturation tones, a harmonious combination of shades of cherry plums, quinces, yellow apples, sunflowers, and sweet cream. It has a fruity, pleasant, and full taste, and its racy acidity coupled with the mineral flavor make it an extremely gastronomic wine.

An ideal companion for bridal showers, fun parties, and summer picnics with friends. It goes perfectly well with fruit, desserts, bruschetta with fruit jam, and baked treats with fruit and berries.