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The only nominal line in the collection "Abrau-Durso" is named after the great French winemaker Victor Dravigny. In 1905 he was appointed chief shampanist in the Specific Office of Abrau-Durso. With him, the classical method of producing sparkling wines was perfected. It was at this time that Abrau-Durso became the supplier of the imperial court of Nicholas II and sparkling wines began to be exported.


Grapes grade: chardonnay, pinot blanc, riesling, pinot noir

Brut d’Or (Golden Brut) is the gem of the Abrau Durso Victor Dravigny collection. To create this collector’s classic wine a selection yeast race is used — it has been cultivated at Abrau Durso since the Soviet times and is more than 50 years of age. Brut d’Or continues the traditions of classic champagne, which back in the Soviet times was produced in limited numbers exclusively for the Communist Party elite. The lees aging period for each Brut bottle is at least five years. Brut d’Or is a bright golden sparkling wine with a straw gleam and rich bouquet and taste. In the bouquet, you will feel notes of brioches, butter, and floral shades. The perfectly balanced taste has a pleasant acidity, fruity notes of pear and quince, citrus fruit, a note of bread, and a mineral aftertaste. Brut d’Or is a premium version of the basic Victor Dravigny line, which ages the same way as the more expensive Imperial line and has a more refined design and inimitable taste.

The luxurious gastronomic Brut emphasizes the taste of complex dishes with seafood and shellfish, and is a perfect match for cream soups.

Extra brut

pinot blanc, riesling, pinot noir

The most elegant version of the Victor Dravigny line is the “dry” one, with minimum sugar content, developed following the latest global trends. This wine has a pale straw shade with a lively shine, long-lasting laced mousse and fascinating long bubble play. It has a rich aroma with a complex combination of mineral and citrus notes, in which nuances of apricots, lemons, and bitter oranges can be identified. Extra brut is characterized by a vivid and refreshing taste with a crisp acidity, shades of pears, apples, and citrus fruit, with equally lively and refreshing aftertaste.

Extra brut is a fabulous aperitif. It goes well with seafood — oysters, mussels, crabs, white fish sashimi, and scallop tartare. It is a perfect accompaniment to light refreshments and hot white fish dishes.


Grapes grade: chardonnay, pinot blanc, pinot noir, sauvignon

The classic Brut, the most recognizable wine in the line, entertains the eye with a lively and stable play of bubbles, and is easy to remember owing to its nice rich color and bright shine. The subtle and tender bouquet with aromas of white flowers, peaches, apricots, and pears, which unfold into the notes of brioches and butter. The taste is mostly fruity, pleasant, and rich, with a subtle mineral bitterness in the aftertaste.

This versatile sparkling wine can be served as an aperitif at a dinner party and throughout a meal; it matches fish and white poultry meat (turkey and chicken).

Rose brut

Grapes grade: pinot noir, chardonnay

The only rose brut version in the Victor Dravigny line, created on the basis of the classic grape varieties of the Champagne region — Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This wine of a rarely beautiful salmon-like color with a coral shade has a stable mousse and elegant perlage. Berry notes (red currants and wild strawberries) and red oranges dominate in the refreshing aroma. The rich taste is refreshing and invigorating, with prevailing citrus and currant tones in the first wave, noble mineral continuation, and a long-lasting fragrant aftertaste.

The classic Rose brut is a universal component of gastronomic combinations. It can be served virtually with any dishes — from cold snacks to desserts with fresh red berries: magret duck breast, red caviar, salmon or tuna tartare, carpaccio or cold roast beef, veal under white sauce, with parmigiano and fresh rocket salad./em>


Grapes grade : chardonnay, pinot blanc, pinot noir, sauvignon

This wine combines the taste and fragrance of a classic sparkling wine with a pleasant sweetness. It has a beautiful, glittering golden color with a constant play of bubbles. A rich, full aroma allies the tones characteristic of a matured sparkling wine with little sugar content — hints of candied citrus fruit, apple confiture, and sweet buns. When it comes to the taste of this semidry sparkling wine, it has a perfect balance of vivid lively acidity and subtle sweetness that is characteristic of the demi-sec style.

This wine is a wonderful gastronomic match for fleshy dishes and creamy sauces (pasta, risotto), fruit, aged and soft cheeses.

Demi doux

Grapes grade: pinot blanc, pinot noir, chardonnay, sauvignon

A rare sparkling wine version based on a classic technology, albeit with a sweet taste. This is how the Victor Dravigny line seeks to encompass the entire range of styles of contemporary sparkling wines. The wine with a beautiful straw shade and elegant perlage has fruity notes dominate in its bouquet — apricots, peaches, tropical fruit, lychees, and guavas. It has a rich and lively taste with a thoroughly balanced sweetness.

The Victor Dravigny semi-sweet is an ideal companion for bridal showers, late night parties, and summer picnics with friends. It is best served with fruit, desserts, bruschetta with fruit jam, and baked treats with fruit and berries.

Red semi-sweet

Grapes grade: 100% cabernet-sauvignon

The original red sparkling wine based entirely on the Cabernet-Sauvignon variety is created with the use of the classic technique and has an excellent balance of sweetness and freshness. It is characterized by an amazingly rich ruby color, glossy shine, stable mousse and deep yet fresh cherry and currant aroma that is typical of Cabernet-Sauvignon. In the glass, the bouquet opens up quite interestingly with tones of strawberry jam and prune. The taste is a surprising mix of sweetness and amazing berry freshness, splendidly subtilized by ageing, velvet tannins and long aftertaste.

This rare variety of sparkling wine will become a perfect accompaniment to blue cheeses, as well as red berries and chocolate desserts. Lovers of sweet aperitifs — including the classic Kir Royal — will surely appreciate the true value of this sparkling wine.