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History of the Imperial Domain of Abrau-Durso began with the production of “still wines”. In the 1880’s, the winery produced Riesling, a dry red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety, which was known in Russia as Lafitte; a dry white wine made from Sémillon grape variety named Sauternes; and Burgundy – a simple red wine from Portugieser grape variety. In the Soviet times, the production of table wines was resumed in Abrau-Durso as late as 1947. A bottle of famous Abrau Cabernet was considered the best gift you could possibly bring back from the holidays on the Black Sea coast back then.
In 2013, Abrau-Durso Russian House of Wine revived the tradition by presenting a collection of two whites and a red of the 2012 vintage: Abrau Riesling, Abrau Chardonnay, and Abrau Cabernet.
• produced from own grapes grown on the slopes of the Abrau-Durso terroir;
• high quality and the age-old tradition of producing high-quality table wines;
• appealing design in a vintage style that keeps up with the style of the past era.



The Riesling variety was among the first ones to appear at Abrau Durso. It shows fabulous results on terroirs of the Russian Black Sea coast. It is a well-balanced elegant white wine that is an excellent value for money. In the aroma, nuances of citrus fruit and white flowers dominate. The wine has a refreshing taste with a well-balanced acidity and long mineral aftertaste.

The vivid acidity makes this wine a fine companion to grilled fish, seafood, and vegetables. It is a nice match for young farmer cheeses and ceviche.



Having an easily recognizable style, this Chardonnay wine is produced without the use of oak. This wine has a discreet complex aroma with dominating notes of white flowers that is delicately accompanied by peaches and duchesse pears, voluminous taste with a subtle elegant acidity and long fruity aftertaste.

This wine is an outstanding accompaniment to white meat and fish. It combines well with many dishes. It is an ideal wine for summer picnics.


Light blend

sauvignon blanc, sémillon, riesling

This delicate white wine of pale straw color and original assemblage has notes of gooseberries combined with white flowers dominate in its aroma. In its taste, notes of gooseberries continue, along with cherry plums, and tropical fruit. It is a full-bodied well-built wine with a long finish.

This wine is an excellent match for light-salted trout, fried pike perch, shashlik, and picnics.




Cabernet is a stylish red wine with a short maturation period in oak. In its aroma, red berries dominate, alongside hints of vanilla and spices. The voluminous and rich taste with firm yet rounded tannins is perfectly balanced and has subtle tones of spices in the aftertaste.

The classic style of this red wine makes it a suitable match for a vast variety of dishes, including those cooked on an open fire. 

Dark blend

cabernet sauvignon, merlot, rebo

This luxurious red wine with an original author’s assemblage, matured in oak, shows a splendid range of aromas of fresh berries and cherry jam. The wine has a balanced taste, full body, with grippy elegant tannins, long and delicate aftertaste with notes of spices and cocoa.

Its gastronomic acidity and voluminous taste make this wine irreplaceable as an accompaniment to barbecue, steaks, smoked and roast meat, and meat stew.