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Terroir as natural and climatic system

Terroir (from the French) is a unique combination of natural factors (soil, climate, slope exposure, wind pattern, ecosystem) which determine the type and features of wine and influence its character and individuality.
The geographical, geological and climatic features of Abrau Durso, according to specialists, make the local conditions unique, and in certain properties — more advantageous than in Champagne itself.
Abrau Durso’s terroir has:

• An abundance of naturally-occurring elements in the soil
• A mild climate which is unique for Russia

Wind pattern — is the determining factor of the terroir

It is the wind which brings vineyards the colour, notes and aromas of the local environment, on which the specific bouquet and style of a regional wine is based. The rich wind pattern of the Abrau Durso Valley gathers from all sides and mixes in a natural mountain bowl many flavours — from dried grass and floral aromas from the steppes to the brackish marine and freshwater lake nuances.

Solar-cell panels for the most energising drink in the world

The stones scattered around the vineyards’ terroir function as unique, absolutely natural and environmentally friendly sources of energy. Getting hot under the scorching sunlight they give to the soil the most important microelements and create beneficial conditions for the growth and ripening of the grapes.